There are two main exclusive technology breakthroughs with the Auspreg UV range of products.


Firstly, the prepregs cure using light rather than heat. Secondly, the company uses state of the art, custom designed equipment to accurately apply resin to fibreglass to an exact amount which guarantees product consistency.


The exact application of resin to glass is precisely deposited and gauged through two on line Beta ray devices which detect the weight of the fabric prior to resin impregnation and then after all while giving feedback to a complex computer system capable of increasing or decreasing the desired finished weight of a given product.



The technology was developed specifically to enable companies to make products using composites faster, easier, safer, more cost effectively, and with less waste. Since its launch, manufacturers of composite products all around the world have enjoyed using a much more consist product where there is a guarantee that the product will be the same weight for resin add on each roll and each batch.


Auspreg UV is designed to be used using vacuum bag UV curing ("VBUVC"), a system based on standard vacuum bagging techniques but simplified so that no bleeder or breather cloths are required. Once under vacuum, the part is then exposed to UV lights. There are no mixing of resins, catalysts or hardeners - all that is required is a small investment in UV lamps for complete curing.



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