Auspreg UV has supplied its prepregs for use as wind turbine blades and nacelles. Finished components have been successfully tested at the University Of Melbourne and found to be fully compliant.


The prepreg is particularly suitable for blades under 10m in length generally on turbines 20 k/w and under. Benefits of Auspreg UV products in blades and nacelles include:

  • Fast cure times by light rather than ovens

  • Easy to manufacture into blades

  • Highly consistent weight so that blades are produced evenly

  • Tested and certified for resistance to stress when in blade form

  • Light weight

  • Low cost to manufacture into blades

  • Easy to store material when not in use

  • Cost effective compared with Resin infusion manufacturing techniques

Click here for a copy of testing results from the University of Melbourne on wind turbine blades made from Auspreg UV material.


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