Auscomposites produces a range of Phenolic prepregs using high silica glass for thermal and/or fire barriers in areas of public safety such as hallways, tunnels, and transportation.


Phenolic prepregs are used as a seperator for plant and equipment and people. The technology is ideal for use as a fire barrier wall on ships particularly in and around engine rooms as well as ship walls.


Phenolic prepregs are used as an outerskin lining material that provides structure while also offering a heat and flame barrier.


The product uses low temperature curing of between 100-130 C for an hour. The product must be stored frozen at minus 18 C.

Phenolic prepreg designed for use in ferry car decks where the temperature on the unexposed side must meet criteria set out in the FTP code for 60 minutes.


Phenolic prepreg panel testing against intense flame where the temperature on the flame side is as high as 900 C.



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