For Concrete reinforcement, we offer a range of Unidirectional High Strength (S2) glass pre-pregs impregnated with UV curable Vinyl ester resin. The product offers a highly increased reinforcement system with outstanding long-term physical and mechanical properties.


The prepregs can be applied to the surfaces of existing structural members in buildings, bridges, or concrete or steel structures to provide additional strength or repair to damaged structures. This can be as a long term application or as a quick solution in an emergency situation. Once cured, the prepreg can be sanded and painted if necessary.


The benefits of this technology include:

  • Massively Increased mechanical properties

  • Fast, easy, and safe applications & installation

  • Improvement in working environment due to reduction in styrene emissions

  • Reduction in waste and disposal costs.

Auspreg UV using HS glass proved to exhibit the highest mechanical properties amongst similar composites produced via other methods such as Hand Lay up and Vacuum Bag Resin Infusion:

Typical presentation of Auspreg UV curable prepreg material. Figures 1 & 2 shows the flexural test of reinforced concrete blocks with the AUSPREG 948 Prepreg laminates. As seen, the flexure testing was performed with the prepreg laminate on the underneath support side of the beam, to gauge its improved tensile performance.

Figure 1 Concrete undergoing load stress

Figure 2 Concrete splits under load pressure

Figure 3 - Flexural test in the 500 kN


Avery universal testing machine of the reinforced concrete blocks with the UV cured AUSPREG 948 laminates.  Reinforced concrete after flexural test- composite reinforcement remains intact


To See the full test report, click here




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