Australian Composites Pty Ltd is a privately owned Melbourne based manufacturer of UV curable prepregs and a division of The Specialty Group, one of Australia’s largest technical textile mills who have been in business since 1978.


The Company manufactures over 200 different resin impregnated fibreglass materials for a multitude of Industries where specialised prepregs are used. Over 5 million dollars has been spent designing and developing the range of UV curable prepregs which are now sold worldwide for use in many applications.


All polyester and vinyl ester resin formulations are produced in house to the highest quality standards. All types of glass substrates are available such as E Glass, S Glass and C glass in all types of weaves including; plain weaves, satins, twills, crows feet, single bias, double bias, Quadraxial, Chop Strand Mat, Woven roving, and many more.

Total production capacity of UV curable prepregs is over 20,000 kilos a week and the company is capable of producing small trial lots right through to large FCL quantities. The company is ISO9001 certified and accredited suppliers to the Australian and New Zealand Departments of Defence.


The company occupies four factories spread across a 35,000 sq ft multi building site facility. It has two complete test laboratories and a full R & D and technical team. The company’s technology has successfully been used by Departments of Defence, Private Enterprises and Public companies alike.


Australian Composites is a registered member of Composites Australia, the Peak Industry association and a an Associate Member of the Composites CRC – ACS.  

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